Top 5 Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas for Any Season

Pre-wedding photography ideas, also known as engagement photos, are a fun and exciting way to showcase a soon to be married couple’s image, personality, and relationship before the actual wedding. There are many creative ways to display pre-wedding photography ideas. Before we jump into the ideas, be sure to watch this video (it’s full of great tips and tricks to make an unbelievable album!):

1. Frolicking on an Ocean Beach

A beach setting has always been a perfect place to showcase the love that two people share. If you live in California, Florida, Louisiana, Washington or any state by the ocean, having your engagement photos taken on the beach is an excellent way to include the beautiful surroundings.  One recommended way to showcase a couple on a beach is to do it freestyle and not staged.  Interacting naturally on the beach goes well with the water, waves and the sand.

2. Holding Hands in a Park

Many beautiful parks in the United States present the perfect background for engagement photography ideas. In these situations, one of the best things a couple can do is hold hands as they walk down a park’s sidewalk enjoying the flowers and other plant life. While holding hands, it’s always fun for the couple to look into each other’s eyes. Park photos are best done in the spring or summer when the plant life is alive and well.

3. Snuggling Together in Front of a Fire

There’s something special about watching a fire, and engagement photos in front of a fireplace are a romantic way to showcase a couple.  The couple can sit together on the floor or a love seat.  The fireplace could be positioned behind a pair or to the side.  Soft evening lighting, enhanced by a professional photographer, completes the scene.

4. Fun in the Snow

Engagement photos do not have to happen only in spring or summer.  Beautiful pre-wedding photography ideas include fun times in the winter snow. These can be presented at a ski lodge, in a beautiful backyard in winter or anywhere where snow exists.  Similar to beach photos, the best way to showcase these is in a relaxed, natural way.

5. Fun in the Rain

Some of the best photos can be showcased in the rain, with umbrellas, especially if a professional photography takes them who is an expert with lighting. The loving couple can choose umbrellas that best fit their personality and mood of the photo and then look into each other’s eyes as they walk down a sidewalk drenched with raindrops. Attractive rain gear should also be worn by the couple to enhance the appearance of the photo.

These are just some of the pre-wedding photography ideas that soon-to-be married couples can do. Find a professional photographer to take your pre-wedding and wedding pictures and express any and all ideas you have with him or her.  However, be open to the ideas of the wedding photographer who is trained to know what kind of photos are best for pre-wedding and wedding moments.  Enjoy yourself and have fun.


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